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Frequently Asked Questions
What is VisualizeTraffic.com all about?
VisualizeTraffic is a free internet service where you can find estimates about how many visitors certain websites get on a daily basis. We then try to visualize this number for you by comparing it to countries that have a similar population count. Furthermore we put it in perspective by comparing it to an image that our brain can easily comprehend. Large numbers only mean something when you have something to compare it with.

Where does this data come from?
We pull in various variables about every website we visualize, then combine that data and come up with an estimate. Of course this number is not always correct, but it usually does come close.

How can I check my own website?
That is very easy, simply enter you websites domain, eg: mywebsite.com in the search box above, and we will instantly build you a visualized report.

How can I get in contact with you guys?
You can shoot us a message if you feel like it. Check our contact page for details.